Webcast Demos

Audio webcast with slides

This webcast demo shows the platforms ability to stream audio only from telephone acquisition. Your live presenters can dial into a phone bridge or present directly with a single phone, anywhere in the world, live to your audience. This webcast also has the live web Q&A feature enabled for the audience to submit questions while the presentation is live, or on-demand. Animated slides are being flipped in real time by the presenter for this demo, however anyone on your team can be designate to do this. In addition, team members logged in to the Directors Chair can utilize the Q&A tool for managing the live questions being submitted.

Corporate Webcasting Solutions

Media Acquisition Methods

  • Onsite Video Encoding
  • Telephone Bridge Audio Only
  • VCU ( Video Conferencing Unit )
  • Webcam


  • Live high quality streaming
  • Animated slides from PowerPoint files
  • Multiple slide decks
  • Pop-up overlay videos
  • Q&A feature to communicate with your audience
  • Customizable audience surveys
  • Adjustable video and slide window sizes
  • Audience registration and management
  • Security options ( Referral link checking, Email, IP )
  • Global delivery for live and archived webcasts


If you are curious about our corporate webcasting services, please click and take our Webcast Features DEMO for a spin.

Webcasting Features   DEMO !

Webcasting Features DEMO !

Do you have specific questions that need answering? Please contact us and we will be more than happy to chat about why our corporate webcasting solutions are the best in the business.