Rob Posner - CEO at ProInnovation.jpg

Rob Posner


Rob orchestrates all aspects of the company's workflow and strategic business endeavors. With a degree in broadcasting and a focus in business management from Montclair State University, Rob and his team have built ProInnovation to be the premiere webcasting and video production company it is today. 

Fun Fact: Infatuated with cats, does not want to own one at all. Meow.

Karleen Wilson - Director of Field Coordination at ProInnovation.jpg

Karleen Wilson

Director, field coordination

Karleen Wilson is the magician who coordinates all of ProInnovation's work schedules. With a degree in broadcasting from Montclair State University, she has over a decade of experience providing services in many production positions. Her attention for detail has Waldo trying extra hard to stay hidden.

Fun Fact: Google doesn't find her, she finds Google.

Tim Johnson - Director of Field Production at ProInnovation.jpg

Tim Johnson

Director, Field production

Tim is the man on the ground guiding the teams through their missions. With an extensive background in broadcast production, including a degree from William Paterson University, he manages ProInnovation's teams in the field during onsite video productions and webcast presentations.

Fun Fact: He can make anyone laugh. Anyone.

Nicole Brine - Senior Field Producer and Encoder

Nicole Brine

Senior FIELD PRODUCer & Encoder

Nicole is a very technical individual who is as cool as a cucumber in high-paced live production environments. Nicole has a degree in the field of broadcasting from Montclair State University. She manages webcast events in the field, and is the liaison between ProInnovation and our clients on location. 

Fun Fact: She enjoys warrior pose, yoga brings out the ZEN-LIKE multitasker in her.

Laura Spina - National Account Executive at ProInnovation

Laura Spina

National Account Executive

Laura works directly with our corporate clients, understanding and accommodating their webcasting or production needs. Her knowledge is rooted in video production and producing which makes her an excellent member of the account team since she can speak from sales and tech standpoints. Laura has a BA in Broadcasting from Montclair State University.

Fun Fact: Worked on Tiny House Nation, she's claustrophobic.